About mini news

Mini news is a news station all around warriors pics and you can find them in most places you can chat but sometimes on real pages that you cant talk on! Their are Four cats in this compagnie: Sophie, Bob, Lucy and Ron.

The news cats


Ron is the owner of Mini news and will do anything so that his compagnie does not get demoliched and loves working.Ron has a crush on Lucy


Sophie is very shy and cute and loves to work at mini news but can sometimes talk to much but not very often. She says "um" alot and has a little crush on Ron.


Bob is always happy but dont mess with him in his mad mood but if you do RUN!!!!!!!!!!! He has a Big crush on Sophie but Bob is too scared to talk to her.


Lucy is energetick but caring and has a HUGE crush on Bob but Lucy is always busy and does not have the time to talk to him. Lucy loves to work at mini news because that is how she met Bob and her other new friends Ron and Sophie!