hello everyone, I know I know you are wondering what this page is for. well this is where Snowfall tell stories or you can go to the got a story? page and tell use your own story. well i hope you like the stories

ps: some of the storys are real some are fake and it could even happen in a dream

A life saver

by snowfall

I was walking in forest that I had never seen and I started to turn around when I saw a big monters. It looked half bigfoot half  bear half elephant half mamoth. But it seen me and started charging at me. I ran into a corner and didnt know where to go. but then the weird animal left then came back. But thankfuly I left the corner when the monster came back. I  continued to run for a long time but the monster started to go faster and faster. Then some random cat jumped from in front of me at the beast and I sort of thougt I seen that cat before. IT WAS FIRESTAR! Could not belive my eyes when he defeted the monster but at the same time he died! Firestar looked so cute and because of that I started to cry.

The end

What will happen? part 1

by Snowfall

Snowfall and Icepool and willowtail are always busy but they sometimes had time to work on graphics for all the cats that wanted them, so one day willowtail made a new website for people to get graphics and left wariors pics, and left snowfall and icepool to watch the site. Willowtail took all the graphics she made and left use with the ones we made and a little bit of the ones she made bacause she didnt like them, so snowfall and icepool continued to watch over the site and make graphics but 3 months later icepool decides she wants her own website and leaves and lets snowfall be in charge and now snowfall is try'ng to find people to help her with the site.

the end

The forest fire

By Tornleaf

I was in scary forest looking for prey. It was dark out and there where no prey but one little mouse that i had already caught. I was walking back to camp when I saw a little flame over by a tree and it burn the tree down in one second. Then I noticed that I couldn't leave because the fire was all around me. I was so scared that I froze. But a young humain was walking by with a buket of water and seen me stuck and frozen. she poored the water on a spot that had fire on it so I could have a exit! I when throught the exit and the little humain hugged me and let me go. I will always remeber the little humain that saved my life!

the end