Windclan Cats

Original Series
Secondary Characters
Ashfoot is a beautiful gray she-cat with enormous blue eyes. She is first seen in Fire and Ice as a WindClan queen concerned for her kits as her Clan is searching for a place to live, since they had been driven out of the forest by Brokentail. She is the mother of Crowfeather, and the current deputy of WindClan.

In Firestar's Quest, Tallstar says she has given birth to three kits.

In Twilight, she is extremely worried about her missing son. Onestar is very harsh towards her, and eventually, grows gentler at the end of the book.

*Kin: Windstar (ancestor), Gorsestar (ancestor), Crowfeather, Eaglekit, other unnamed kits (kits), Breezepaw (grandkit)

Barkface is the medicine cat of WindClan, and has been for the entire series. He is a brown tom, and has a short tail. He is kind, especially towards Leafpool, which makes Jaypaw suspicious. He finally takes on an apprentice in The Sight, Kestrelpaw.

In Fire and Ice, when Fireheart and Graystripe go on their mission to find WindClan, he receives a sign from StarClan that an unnecessary death will occur. Later, there is a battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan, and Whiteclaw accidentally fell off a cliff. When Onestar was to become leader, Barkface was the first medicine cat to escort a leader to Moonpool. He supports Leafpool and in The Sight, lent her some of their catmint, until ShadowClan, WindClan and ThunderClan run out.

*Apprentice: Kestrelpaw

Crowfur was an elder of WindClan, but was never mentioned in the Allegiances. He was only seen at a Gathering in Forest of Secrets with Patchpelt and a RiverClan queen. He was described as an old black tom with a silver muzzle and scarred flanks. He didn't think young cats could cope with hardship like the elders had.

Deadfoot was a black tom with a stubby, twisted paw and scarred muzzle. He was the WindClan deputy before Mudclaw. Despite his swiftness, Deadfoot didn't seem to be the best fighter, losing fights against Tigerstar, Graystripe, and Firestar twice. In Fire and Ice, he shows great concern for Ashfoot and her kits. Deadfoot was also the WindClan cat who showed the most hatred to ThunderClan regarding their decision to take in Brokentail.

In The Darkest Hour, Deadfoot is badly injured in the battle of LionClan and BloodClan. In Midnight, he is shown to have joined StarClan and is the cat who chose Crowfeather to journey to the sun-drown-place to speak with Midnight.
In Rising Storm when Firestar and Sandstorm were bringing Cloudtail back he was in the WindClan patrol that attacked them. Deadfoot said to Cloudtail that it wasn't just Firestar who needed a lesson in respect.

In Secrets of The Clans, it was revealed that he was one of the first WindClan cats to leave when ShadowClan raided their camp.

*Death: Unknown causes, The Darkest Hour--Midnight

Gorsepaw was a white-and-ginger tom and a former apprentice of WindClan.

In Fire and Ice Firestar carried Gorsepaw over a small Thunderpath to bring him back to the WindClan camp.

In The Darkest Hour he was heartlessly killed by Tigerstar. Morningflower is heartbroken, and avenges her son's death by clawing and injuring BloodClan warriors.

*Mentor: Onestar
*Kin: Morningflower (mother)
*Death: Murdered by Tigerstar, The Darkest Hour

Morningflower is a very old tortoiseshell WindClan elder with beautiful amber eyes. First seen in Fire and Ice as a queen, Firestar helped her to carry her kit, Gorsepaw, back to WindClan territory when WindClan had been driven out by ShadowClan; as seen in "Into the Wild".

In Forest of Secrets, Morningflower battles Firestar in a conflict between WindClan and ThunderClan, until she remembers that he had rescued her, her Clan, and her kit. She then backs down.

In The Darkest Hour, Morningflower is devastated by Gorsepaw's murder. Firestar, Tallstar, and Graystripe soothe her. In the battle with BloodClan, she yells "Gorsepaw! Gorsepaw!" while attacking the BloodClan warriors, as if taking her son's death out on them. At last, Morningflower felt avenged for the death of her son.

In The New Prophecy, Morningflower retires and becomes a WindClan elder, and in Starlight, she gets very sick from drinking unclean water that Mothwing of RiverClan had given her. Leafpool of ThunderClan nurses her back to health.

She is still alive as of The Sight.

*Mentor: Tallstar
*Kin: Gorsepaw (kit)
*Formerly Known as: Morningpaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

For information on the ShadowClan warrior, see here.

Mudclaw was a mottled dark brown tom and a former deputy of WindClan. He plays a minimal role in the original series, although he is very aggressive towards the other Clans, even to the point of stopping Bluestar from going to Highstones. Mudclaw was usually the one to start or carry on a dispute. He becomes the deputy of WindClan after Deadfoot dies.

In Starlight, Mudclaw becomes significant after Tallstar elects Onestar as his deputy a few moments before he dies, claiming that Mudclaw was not the right cat to lead the Clan, so there will not be a severe rivalry between ThunderClan and WindClan. Mudclaw is outraged to hear about it, and he leads a revolt against Onestar, believing that he, as the original deputy, should have been leader. During the battle, however, he is killed by a tree struck by a bolt of lightning. The Clan cats take the lightning to be a sign from StarClan that Mudclaw was never meant to be WindClan's leader. Before his death, Mudclaw tells Brambleclaw about Hawkfrost's involvement in the coup. He says that Hawkfrost came to Mudclaw and offered help in return for making Hawkfrost WindClan's deputy and helping him to take over RiverClan later. Hawkfrost denies it and accuses Mudclaw of lying.

*Apprentices: Webfoot, Crowfeather
*Death: Killed by a falling tree, Starlight

Onestar is a proud brown tabby tom and was once a good friend of Firestar. They met in Fire and Ice, the second book in the original series, when Firestar and Graystripe brought WindClan home from exile.

In Dawn, the third book in the New Prophecy, he helps Tallstar make the journey to the new lands, and is astonished when he is made deputy just before Tallstar passes on in Starlight. Onestar is at first uncertain about his place because Tallstar did not use the correct words. The sign from StarClan, a bolt of lightning killing Mudclaw, who led an uprising against Onestar, put the cat at ease and he received his name and lives from the Moonpool. Onestar visited the Moonpool between Starlight and Twilight.

In Twilight, Onestar and WindClan become very withdrawn from the other Clans because Onestar feels that they have relied too much on ThunderClan for help. He also feels that ThunderClan think that WindClan is helpless ever since they were driven out of the old forest by Brokenstar. However, these feelings do not stop Onestar and his warriors from coming to ThunderClan's aid in Twilight when their camp is overrun with badgers. WindClan's warriors also try to help find not only Crowfeather, but also Leafpool. Onestar later tells Firestar that the Clans can still help each other.

In The Sight, it's mentioned that Onestar is still semi-hostile toward ThunderClan. Seeing as how when Lionpaw was eavesdropping and heard the group talking about him and Leopardstar being interested when ThunderClan turned over land to ShadowClan and when Jaypaw heard the patrol saying WindClan and ShadowClan were pressing on their borders to make sure no cat would forget them or their strength so easily.

In Secrets of the Clans he gives a tour of the WindClan forest camp.

*Apprentices: Whitetail, Gorsepaw
*Formerly Known As: Onewhisker (Fire and Ice - Twilight)

Runningbrook is a light gray tabby she-cat. She was an apprentice in Fire and Ice and Forest of Secrets. Her mentor was Tornear.

She was mentioned once in Forest of Secrets when Firestar and Graystripe were on their way back from visiting Ravenpaw.

She was made a warrior in Rising Storm.

In The Darkest Hour she is described as 'a she-cat who's pale gray fur was hanging off her shoulder in clumps'.

*Mentor: Tornear
*Formerly Known As: Runningpaw (Fire and Ice - Forest of Secrets)

Tallstar was a black and white tom with a very long tail and amber eyes. He was the WindClan leader until Starlight, and was succeeded by Onestar.

He and his Clan were driven from their territory by Brokenstar in Into the Wild, and in Fire and Ice, Firestar and Graystripe brought WindClan home. Because of that, Tallstar has maintained a friendship with the two cats and ThunderClan. That friendship was temporarily ruptured when it was revealed that ThunderClan was sheltering Brokentail in Forest of Secrets, and WindClan attempted to kill Brokentail.

By A Dangerous Path, WindClan had renewed its friendship with ThunderClan, until Bluestar unfairly accused them of stealing prey. In The Darkest Hour, WindClan and ThunderClan joined to make LionClan, in order to fight Tigerstar, and later, RiverClan and ShadowClan join the alliance to defeat Scourge and BloodClan.

In Dawn, Tallstar and WindClan shelter with ThunderClan before they leave the forest, and in Starlight, Tallstar loses his final life to starvation and old age. As he dies, he names Onestar deputy of WindClan, because Mudclaw is not the right cat to lead it. However, he uses the wrong words; though only Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Onestar know this. In Twilight, Tallstar is among the StarClan warriors who comforts Cinderpelt when she is told of her coming death.

He is also the longest-living of the four original leaders when Firestar first came to the forest, living until Starlight.

*Apprentice: Morningflower
*Death: Old age, Starlight

Little is known about Tawnyfur, except that she was a golden brown she-cat, and her mentor was Tornear. She was an apprentice in Fire and Ice and in Rising Storm she was given her warrior name. Little else is known about Tawnyfur.

*Mentor: Tornear
*Formerly Known As: Tawnypaw (Fire and Ice - Rising Storm)

Tornear was a tabby tom, and the oldest warrior in WindClan, still being a warrior in The Sight. In the battle with BloodClan in The Darkest Hour, he is killed, but he reappears in Midnight and he is still alive in The Sight (the authors have said this was a mistake). He has mentored four cats: Runningbrook, Tawnyfur, Owlwhisker, and Harepaw.

*Apprentices: Runningbrook, Tawnyfur, Owlwhisker, Harepaw
*Death: Killed in the BloodClan battle, The Darkest Hour

Webfoot is a dark gray tabby tom. In Rising Storm when Webfoot was still an apprentice, he fought with Deadfoot and his mentor Mudclaw against Firestar, Sandstorm, and Cloudtail. Even though Cloudtail had been living as a kittypet for the past moon, he easily defeated Webfoot and then moved on to helping Sandstorm fight off Mudclaw. By A Dangerous Path, he had become a warrior. He gained Weaselfur as an apprentice in Dawn. In Starlight, he fought for Mudclaw's leadership. However, Onestar still allowed him to stay in the Clan. In The Sight, he is an elder.

*Mentor: Mudclaw
*Apprentice: Weaselfur
*Formerly Known As: Webpaw (Fire and Ice - A Dangerous Path)

The New Prophecy
Main Characters
Crowfeather is a dark gray, almost black tom with blue eyes and a sharp tongue. He is a WindClan warrior, and the son of Ashfoot. Crowfeather was chosen by Deadfoot of StarClan to be the WindClan cat to journey to speak with Midnight, a star-gazing badger.

Crowfeather is a snappish cat and has a barbed tongue, as shown in Midnight, notably when the questing cats are following Purdy through a Twolegplace. During Moonrise, he grew very fond of Feathertail, and became increasingly upset after her death, even running recklessly onto a Thunderpath later in Dawn. Though he was stopped, Crowfeather did not care if he died, saying, "I'm not frightened of joining StarClan! The forest is dying anyway. At least in StarClan, Feathertail will be waiting for me!"

In Dawn WindClan begs ThunderClan for shelter after the Twolegs begin destroying their camp. When Squirrelflight talks to Crowfeather, Tornear was said to have a hint of pride in his voice when he talked of Crowfeather feeding almost all the Clan.

On their journey with the Clans to their new home in Dawn Tallstar made Crowfeather a warrior. Crowfeather asked if he could choose the name of Crowfeather in honor of the deceased Feathertail, and Tallstar agrees. The newly named Crowfeather takes his vigil next to Feathertail's grave in the Tribe of Rushing Water's camp, a mountain cave. Leafpool believes that when he was sitting vigil that two ghostly silver cats stood on a nearby mountain peak, watching over Crowfeather. Seeing them, almost identical, she believes that they were the starry spirits of Feathertail and Silverstream.

Later in Starlight, he confesses his love to Leafpool, and she received this with shock, telling him that he couldn't love her. On the inside, Leafpool is relieved to hear that he feels the same way. Also during the battle, he fights side by side with Brambleclaw, driving away two ShadowClan warriors.

In Twilight, Crowfeather makes a plan with Leafpool to leave the Clans behind as there is no other way for them to be together. Leafpool agrees after fighting with Cinderpelt and going to the Moonpool, and they leave the forest, following the hills outside of WindClan territory. They spend a night there when they run into Midnight, who comes to deliver news that her kin are planning to attack the Clans for driving them out, and they only agree to go back because they can't leave their Clans to be torn to shreds. He tells Leafpool that he knew she would never give up her Clan for him, yet he still loves her just as much.

After they return to their own respective Clans, Crowfeather is unhappy that Leafpool would choose her own Clan over her love for him. In Sunset, Crowfeather abruptly but sadly breaks up their relationship, stating that it would be better if they never met again, and Leafpool sadly agrees.

In The Sight, Crowfeather has a son named Breezepaw with the WindClan she-cat Nightcloud. Also, Crowfeather pulls Jaypaw out of the lake, after he wandered into WindClan territory and fell in. Crowfeather returns him to ThunderClan afterwards and speaks very briefly with Leafpool, who feels uncomfortable and jealous of Nightcloud. Jaypaw senses the tension between the two cats after he saves Breezepaw from suffocating in a collapsed badger den. He knows Leafpool feels some longing, too. The authors have said that Crowfeather mated with Nightcloud to prove he was loyal to his Clan.

In Secrets of the Clans, Crowfeather talks about his love for Leafpool, and Feathertail, his true love and how it feels to love a cat from another Clan, and how hard it was live without the cat he loved. In another chapter, he gives a tour of the WindClan lake camp.

*Mentor: Mudclaw
*Apprentice: Heatherpaw
*Mate: Feathertail, Leafpool (both briefly), Nightcloud
*Kin: Windstar (ancestor), Gorsestar (ancestor), Ashfoot (mother), Eaglekit (brother), Breezepaw (kit)
*Formerly Known As: Crowpaw (Midnight - Dawn)

Secondary Characters
Darkfoot is a black tom. He was in the Allegiances only once in Starlight, in which Darkfoot is an elder. Leafpool is sent over to care for him and Morningflower after they become slightly ill after drinking unclean water accidentally given to them by Mothwing.

Not much is known about Gorsetail. He is different from Gorsepaw, however, because Gorsepaw is dead, but has the same appearance. In Moonrise, Gorsetail hid in a Twoleg trap to hide from Mistyfoot, the RiverClan deputy. He is not mentioned before that. He is freed along with the other trapped cats in Dawn, though he isn't mentioned again in the series.

Oatwhisker was a creamy brown tabby tom elder of WindClan. Unusually, he does not appear in the Allegiances preceding Dawn, and after that he is not mentioned again.

Owlwhisker is a light brown tabby tom warrior of WindClan. Owlwhisker was first seen in Dawn, when he challenged the returning cats for crossing into their territory. Crowfeather, recognized Owlwhisker but thought he was still a kit. Owlwhisker also recognized Crowfeather. In Twilight, Owlwhisker was named a warrior but likely as a mistake, his name was stated to be Owlfeather. In Sunset and The Sight, the Allegiances stated his name was Owlwhisker.

*Mentor: Webfoot
*Formerly Known As: Owlkit (before Dawn), Owlpaw (Dawn - Starlight)

Robinwing was a light brown she-cat with blue eyes. She was mentioned in the Allegiances only once in Dawn. She had an apprentince by the name of Thistlepaw.

*Apprentince: Thistlepaw

Rushtail was a light brown tom elder of WindClan. He first appeared in the Allegiances of Starlight, but did not appear in the Allegiances for The Sight. In Starlight, Crowfeather has to feed him before he will move to the new WindClan territory.

Thistlepaw only appeared in the Allegiances in Dawn, and never appeared again. Little else is known about Thistlepaw.

*Mentor: Robinwing

Weaselfur is a ginger tom warrior with white paws. He was made an apprentice in Dawn, and was one of the cats which had to jump across the hole on the Great Journey. In Twilight, he becomes a warrior along with Owlwhisker. In The Sight, he escorts Kestrelpaw to ThunderClan and later RiverClan. Nothing else is known about Weaselfur.

*Mentor: Webfoot
*Formerly Known As: Weaselpaw (Dawn - Starlight

Power of Three
Secondary Characters
Breezepaw is a black tom with big, round, amber eyes and an apprentice of WindClan. He is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud. He has a sharp tongue, like his father, and in The Sight, Heatherpaw explains that Breezepaw is very bossy, and has had an attitude since he was a kit. Whitetail also tells Crowfeather that he should teach his son some manners, after Breezepaw is rude to Jaypaw for falling into the lake. He also thinks that Heatherpaw has to do what he says because Crowfeather (his father) is her mentor. Heatherpaw told him that he would be a warrior before he knew it and he would be able to boss all the apprentices in WindClan around. When he falls in the badger set with Lionpaw, Jaypaw helps rescue him.

*Mentor: Whitetail
*Kin: Windstar (ancestor), Gorsestar (ancestor), Crowfeather (father), Nightcloud (mother), Ashfoot (grandmother), Eaglekit (uncle)

Nothing is known about Buzzardkit except for that he is a WindClan kit who was mentioned at the end of the dog attack in The Sight. Buzzardkit was the one seen squealing with fear once the dog attack was over.

Harepaw is currently a WindClan apprentice who was mentioned twice in The Sight. Berrypaw and Hazelpaw talked with him at Lionpaw and Hollypaw's first Gathering. He later was seen with his mentor Tornear after the dog attack, along with Mille and Graystripe of ThunderClan.

*Mentor: Tornear

Heatherpaw is a beautiful light brown tabby she-cat with heather-colored eyes, and Crowfeather's apprentice. She becomes friends with Lionpaw after meeting him at a Gathering. They also help each other during the dog chase in WindClan's territory, most notably when Lionpaw rescues Heatherpaw from being injured by a dog after she gets stuck in a rabbit hole. Back at WindClan's camp, while Onestar thanks the ThunderClan patrol, Heatherpaw adds that they couldn't have gotten rid of the dogs without them and that Lionpaw saved her. Lionpaw clearly has a crush on Heatherpaw and Heatherpaw clearly has a crush on Lionpaw. It is implied that Crowfeather also sees this, and pointedly stands between the two apprentices after Heatherpaw's compliment on Lionpaw's actions.

*Mentor: Crowfeather

Kestrelpaw is Barkface's apprentice. In The Sight Leafpool asks where he was while at the Moonpool, and Barkface replies that Kestrelpaw has come down with whitecough, and he made him stay in WindClan camp so the whitecough wouldn't infect the other medicine cats. He also came to Leafpool for catmint when there was greencough in WindClan, then later went to RiverClan. Otherwise, not much is known about Kestrelpaw.

*Mentor: Barkface

Nightcloud is a black she-cat, a WindClan warrior, and the mother of Crowfeather's son Breezepaw. Nightcloud is not a very mean cat, but is hostile and bossy, a bit like Breezepaw. She first appears in Starlight, when she supports Mudclaw and agrees that Onestar should not be leader, but she is not in the Allegiances pages until Twilight. In Sunset, she appeared as a queen.

In The Sight, when Jaypaw rescues Lionpaw and Breezepaw from suffocating in an old badger den that collapsed, Leafpool comes to help while Nightcloud and Crowfeather are there. She is very grateful and thanks Jaypaw at least twice.

*Mate: Crowfeather
*Kin: Breezepaw (kit)

Not much is known about Sedgekit other than she is currently a WindClan kit who was mentioned at the end of the dog attack in The Sight, and that she is a brown tabby. Sedgekit was the one who objected to Millie's training to be a warrior by saying that she could never be a "real" warrior.

Whitetail is a small kindly white she-cat who is currently mentoring Breezepaw, Crowfeather's son. She is one of the cats that helps Jaypaw when he falls in the lake. She was also a queen in the old forest.

*Mentor: Onestar
*Apprentice: Breezepaw
*Kin: Unknown kits

Firestar's Quest
Secondary Characters
Hareflight is a light brown she-cat and a warrior of WindClan when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about her.

Larkwing was a silver-and-black tabby she-cat and the medicine cat of WindClan when SkyClan was driven out. She speaks up against the leaders when they drive SkyClan away, but Swiftstar says StarClan agrees with him that SkyClan should leave. Nothing else is known about her.

Milkfur was a creamy white tom, and the WindClan deputy when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about him.

Swiftstar was a dark gray tom, and the leader of WindClan when SkyClan was driven out. He doesn't allow SkyClan to hunt on their territory when they are driven out. He gives Leafstar the life of selflessness. He also apologizes for sending SkyClan away.

Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans
Eaglekit was a brown tom kit of WindClan, and was mentioned in the Secrets of the Clans. He was left with Morningflower, who was pregnant with Gorsekit, as his mother Ashfoot went to help hold off ShadowClan. The fate of Eaglekit is unknown. Ashfoot was listed as a queen for most of the first series. This could possibly mean that Eaglekit survived until sometime in the Warriors series. He was also mentioned in the prologue of Fire and Ice as Ashfoot protectively wrapped her tail around her kit at the thought of living in the sewers.

*Kin: Ashfoot (mother) Crowfeather (brother) Breezepaw (nephew) Gorsestar, Windstar (ancestors)

Not much is known about Gorsestar. All we know is that he was a thin, gray, tabby tom who was remembered for his devotion and bravery to Windstar, his mate, and that his warrior name was Gorsefur.

*Mate: Windstar
*Kin: Unknown kits (kits), Ashfoot, Crowfeather, Eaglekit, Breezepaw (descendants)
*Formerly Known As: Gorsefur

Mothflight was a soft, white she-cat with stormy green eyes. She was the first medicine cat of any Clan. She was loyal and true to WindClan, yet her restlessness, curiosity, and dreaminess led her to exile. But StarClan sent a sign to Windstar that Mothflight must be accepted back to her Clan and become the medicine cat, for she found the Moonstone.

Stoneclaw was 'proudly' standing guard (he had received his warrior name) during the same dark night that ShadowClan drove WindClan out of their own territory. He was killed during the battle, and his sister, Thrushwing, fought like all of LionClan to avenge his death.

*Kin: Thrushwing (sister)
*Death: Killed in the raid on WindClan, Into the Wild

Thrushpelt was a stone-gray she-cat with flecks of darker brown fur. She was a warrior for several moons before becoming WindClan's medicine cat. She interpreted signs with immense confidence, and was an expert herb finder. She was temperamental and quick to fight. Thrushpelt took care of WindClan through a sick-rabbit epidemic.

Thrushwing was 'proudly' standing guard (she had received her warrior name) during the same dark night that ShadowClan drove WindClan out of their own territory. Her brother, Stoneclaw, was killed, and she sounded the alarm call.

She injured her leg from unknown causes, and she was 'fighting like LionClan to avenge the death of her brother'. She was one of the first to escape, leaning on Onestar's shoulder.

Kin: Stoneclaw (brother)

Windstar was a wiry brown she-cat with yellow eyes, and a proud, wily, stubborn nature. She was the fastest cat in the forest. She was also the founder and first leader of WindClan, and worked with Thunderstar, Shadowstar, and Riverstar to develop the warrior code. She was also known as Wind. Many of her descendants run through her Clan today, including Ashfoot, WindClan's current deputy, Ashfoot's kits, Crowfeather and Eaglekit, and Crowfeather's son, Breezepaw.

*Mate: Gorsestar
*Kin: Unknown kits (kits), Ashfoot, Eaglekit, Crowfeather, Breezepaw (descendants; unknown where in the line they are)
*Formerly Known As: Wind