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Ashfur was a thin gray tom and was a ShadowClan elder. He was also a friend of Yellowfang's. He was a ShadowClan cat who didn't support Brokentail. He even helped Firestar, and Graystripe drive out Brokentail and his followers. He died due to unknown causes. Nothing else is known about him.

*Death: Unknown causes

Blackstar is a large white tom with huge jet black paws and current leader of ShadowClan. He first appeared in Into The Wild as deputy of ShadowClan under Brokenstar and was driven into exile after his defeat. He continues to follow Brokentail until his leader is blinded and captured by ThunderClan. He then reappears again in A Dangerous Path as ShadowClan's deputy under Tigerstar and is completely loyal to him.

In The Darkest Hour, he obediently murders Stonefur after Stonefur refused to kill his apprentice, Stormfur, and Feathertail, his sister Mistyfoot's apprentice. After Tigerstar's death, Blackstar then reluctantly agrees to merge ShadowClan into LionClan to drive out BloodClan. After BloodClan's defeat, he is made into the full leader of ShadowClan. He chose Russetfur, a former rogue cat, to be his deputy.

In The New Prophecy he agrees to leave the forest with the other Clans after Twolegs destroy the ShadowClan camp during the famine in the old forest.

In Sunset, he and Leopardstar agree that WindClan and ThunderClan should give up a part of their territories for RiverClan and ShadowClan. This creates conflict between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, especially after Blackstar leads ShadowClan in attacking ThunderClan.

In The Sight, he tries to take ThunderClan territory (an idea that Firestar partially encouraged by giving ShadowClan a piece of poor hunting ground), and was beaten horribly.

Blackstar is often portrayed as a leader with only his own Clan in mind. He has no patience with kittypets or cats who are not Clan-born, and he does not suffer fools lightly. However, Blackstar shows a more caring side toward cats who need his help during Dawn, in which he is seen protecting an apprentice who is trying to escape from the Twoleg "monsters", and then running back to grab a kit.

*Apprentice: Tallpoppy
*Formerly Known As: Blackfoot (Into the Wild - between The Darkest Hour and Midnight)

Boulder was a skinny gray tom, and a former BloodClan warrior who left and joined ShadowClan. He was a friend and follower of Brokentail. Later, he was exiled with Brokentail, Blackstar, and Clawface. When Tigerstar became leader, Boulder was brought back into ShadowClan. In the prologue of The Darkest Hour, he and Tigerstar went into BloodClan territory so Tigerstar could meet Scourge. When Scourge killed Tigerstar, Jaggedtooth joined BloodClan, and Boulder thought it was worth betraying BloodClan so he could get his claws in Jaggedtooth's fur. He fought alongside LionClan (the four Clans combined, led by Firestar) to fight BloodClan.

In The New Prophecy, he was an elder. However, he didn't appear in the allegiances until Dawn.

He didn't appear in the allegiances in The Sight, leading to the fact that he might have died in the six moons between Sunset and The Sight.

In Secrets of the Clans he gives a tour of the ShadowClan forest camp.

*Apprentice: Wetfoot
*Death: Unknown causes; Sunset - The Sight

Brightflower was a black-and-white queen. In Into the Wild, when Brokenstar revealed that he was the killer of her two kits she let out a wail of grief. She wasn't mentioned again after Into the Wild.

*Kin: Unknown kits (kits)

Brokentail was a long-haired, dark brown tabby with a flat face and amber eyes. His name comes from the fact that his tail is bent like a broken branch. Brokentail was the illegitimate son of Raggedstar, ShadowClan's former leader, and Yellowfang, ShadowClan's former medicine cat. Two of her kits died, and she thought that was her punishment for breaking the warrior code, but she later on says to Firestar that her punishment was that he lived. A ShadowClan queen named Lizardstripe (grudgingly) took care of Brokentail as a kit since his mother did not want to break the warrior code. In Secrets of the Clans, Yellowfang claims that she named him 'Broken' not because of the bend in his tail, but for the way her heart felt after giving her only surviving kit up.

He killed his father, Raggedstar, to become leader. Under his leadership, kits were put into apprenticeship at three moons, when they weren't ready, and named full warriors at five. He also blamed the deaths of two kits belonging to a queen named Brightflower on Yellowfang, resulting in her expulsion from ShadowClan. In truth, it was Brokentail who had killed the kits during battle training and then brought their bodies to Yellowfang. Brokentail was very bloodthirsty for leadership.

Brokentail tried to force the other Clans into giving ShadowClan hunting rights on their territories after forcing WindClan out of its territory. RiverClan agreed, but ThunderClan did not, leading to further tension between ShadowClan and ThunderClan.

ThunderClan and ShadowClan warriors overthrew Brokentail and sent him into exile in Into the Wild. In Fire and Ice, he attacked ThunderClan with a band of rogues. After being blinded by Yellowfang and losing most of his lives, he is taken as a prisoner by ThunderClan and renamed Brokentail by Bluestar. ThunderClan's mercy leads to problems between it and the other Clans, particularly WindClan and ShadowClan.

In Forest of Secrets, Brokentail and Tigerclaw betrayed ThunderClan by bringing in rogues to attack ThunderClan. This was part of Tigerclaw's plot to kill the leader, Bluestar. After the battle, Yellowfang takes Brokentail's last life by feeding him deathberries. Before he dies she reveals to him she is his mother.

In Sunset, it is revealed that Brokentail walks in the same dark forest, called the Place of No Stars, that Tigerstar, Clawface, Hawkfrost, and Darkstripe do. Darkstripe scents Brokentail and asks where he is, yet because the cats in the Place of No Stars rarely meet, Tigerstar tells Darkstripe that Brokentail won't answer him.

*Mentor: Raggedstar
*Apprentices: Mosspaw, Volepaw (apprentices that myseriously died before becoming warriors)
*Kin: Yellowfang (mother), Raggedstar (father), two unknown ShadowClan she-cat kits (siblings that died as kits)
*Death: Killed by Yellowfang, Forest of Secrets
*Formerly Known As: Brokenkit (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans), Brokenpaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans), Brokentail (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans; and he also is renamed Brokentail by ThunderClan in Fire and Ice - Forest of Secrets), Brokenstar (before Into the Wild - Fire and Ice)

Little is known about Brownpaw other than that he was an apprentice under Brokenstar's leadership. Brownpaw was not in the Allegiances again after A Dangerous Path.

*Mentor: Stumpytail

Cinderfur was a thin gray tom and Nightstar's only deputy. Like Nightstar, he was an elder when Brokenstar was driven out. He was one of the first cats to die from the rat-carried disease in Rising Storm. Nothing else is known about him.

*Death: Sickness, Rising Storm

Clawface was a dark brown tom with a scarred face that presumeably earned him his name. He was a warrior of ShadowClan and a loyal follower of Brokentail. In Into the Wild, he killed Spottedleaf and kidnapped Frostfur's kits. In Fire and Ice, he was killed by Graystripe.

In Secrets of the Clans it is revealed that he walks in the Place of No Stars, with Brokentail, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and Darkstripe.

*Mentor: Raggedstar
*Apprentice: Littlecloud
*Death: Killed by Graystripe, Fire and Ice
*Formerly Known As: Clawpaw (before Fire and Ice, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Darkflower was a black queen until Rising Storm. Not much is known about her.

*Kin: Unknown kits (kits)

Dawncloud was a small tabby she-cat. She was also one of Yellowfang's friends who helped Firestar and Graystripe chase out Brokentail and his friends. She was also a queen throughout the whole series. Not much else is known about her.

*Mentor: Nightstar
*Kin: Unknown kits (kits)
*Formerly Known As: Dawnpaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Littlecloud is a very small brown tabby tom and the ShadowClan medicine cat. He was one of the kits Brokentail forced into apprenticeship when they weren't old enough. He speaks with Firestar and Graystripe at their first Gathering, and they tell him about the ancient LionClan, TigerClan and LeopardClan.

In Rising Storm, he and his friend Whitethroat flee ShadowClan because they had a disease caught from eating rats that came from the Carrionplace. Cinderpelt hides them and heals their sickness against Bluestar's orders, and she finds the right combination of herbs and berries that will cure them. Whitethroat later dies crossing the Thunderpath, yet Littlecloud survives and becomes ShadowClan's medicine cat apprentice, inspired by how Cinderpelt saved him. He has great respect for and a good relationship with Cinderpelt, always waiting for her at Fourtrees on the medicine cats' regular visits to the Moonstone.

At some point between the first series and The New Prophecy, Littlecloud succeedes Runningnose as ShadowClan's medicine cat, while Runningnose retires to the elders' den. In Sunset, Littlecloud is shocked to learn of Cinderpelt's death, and he deeply misses her. In The Sight he dicusses injuries with Leafpool.

*Mentors: Clawface, Runningnose (after Littlecloud's sickness was cured)
*Formerly Known As: Littlepaw (Into the Wild)

Not much is known about Mosspaw except Mosspaw was one of Brokentail's apprentices, who mysteriously died.

*Mentor: Brokenstar

Nightstar was a black tom and was a former ShadowClan leader, after Brokentail and before Tigerstar. He was one of the cats who carried out the ShadowClan coup in Into the Wild to overthrow Brokentail with the help of ThunderClan. He gave Firestar trouble later on, when he discovers Brokentail still lived. He dies of sickness in Rising Storm, and is succeeded by Tigerstar.

In A Dangerous Path, Firestar learns from Runningnose, ShadowClan's medicine cat, that Nightstar had not been granted nine lives by StarClan because by the time ShadowClan had learned of Brokentail's death, Nightstar was too weak to make the journey to the Moonstone to receive his lives. Because ShadowClan would have panicked if they'd known the truth, StarClan's rejection of Nightstar was kept secret and the Clan cats were convinced that the sickness had taken all of Nightstar's lives at once.

In The New Prophecy series, Nightstar is the cat who chooses Tawnypelt to represent ShadowClan in the journey to speak with Midnight, showing that StarClan was not angry with him about becoming leader when Brokentail was still alive. He also was seen in Starlight, when he expressed nervousness about Hawkfrost of RiverClan.

*Apprentice: Dawncloud
*Death: Sickness, Rising Storm
*Formerly Known As: Nightpelt (Into the Wild)

Raggedstar was the ShadowClan leader before Brokentail (his son and deputy) was. He has a ragged, patchy pelt from fighting as a kit. Raggedstar was said to be a noble cat, and was also Yellowfang's mate (although this was against the warrior code, because Yellowfang was the medicine cat). He was very proud of his son Brokentail, according to Yellowfang, blind to his faults until the very end. Brokentail killed him and lied to the rest of ShadowClan. He said that Raggedstar was ambushed by an enemy Clan patrol. It was revealed that Brokentail lied when he tried to kill Yellowfang. Also, according to Yellowfang, when Raggedstar was leader, ShadowClan were feared for their strength.

In Secrets of the Clans he is said to have paid no attention to Yellowfang, and only to his son. After his second deputy, Cloudpelt, died, Brokentail was old enough to be ShadowClan's next deputy. It is also known that ShadowClan thought that Foxheart, Raggedstar's first deputy, was Brokentail's mother. Nothing else is known about him.

*Apprentices: Clawface, Brokentail
*Mate: Yellowfang (ShadowClan/ThunderClan)
*Kin: Brokenstar (son), unnamed kits (died shortly after their birth)
*Death: Killed by Brokenstar, before Into the Wild

Runningnose was a gray and white ShadowClan tom and the former ShadowClan medicine cat. He retired after The Darkest Hour. He was described as having a nose that seemed to be permanently crusted as though he has a cold, and quite a high, whining voice. Yellowfang, despite being his mentor, didn't have much faith in his healing skills, saying he couldn't even cure his own cold. Also in Rising Storm, he gets a sign from StarClan of a great leader who happened to be Tigerstar. He isn't very confident about this sign, avoiding the questioning eyes as Tigerstar described it. He is also very jumpy and nervous.

He took on Littlecloud as an apprentice after he and Whitethroat came back with the cure for the sickness gotten by eating the rats from the carrionplace. He was the only medicine cat to live long enough to become an elder.

*Mentor: Yellowfang
*Apprentice: Littlecloud
*Death: Unknown causes (Dawn - Twilight)

Russetfur is a dark ginger she-cat and the current deputy of ShadowClan. She was a rogue cat before she joined either Brokenstar and then Tigerstar, or just Tigerstar during their respective exiles. She is a very proud, sharp-tongued cat.

During Twilight, Russetfur was unhappy that ShadowClan needed help from ThunderClan when it came to dealing with the two kittypets in their territory.

In Sunset, she and two warriors (Oakfur and Cedarheart of ShadowClan) watched Berrypaw suffer in a fox trap on ThunderClan's side of the border. When Squirrelflight demanded to Russetfur why she didn't help Berrypaw, Russetfur replied that ShadowClan stuck to the warrior code (by respecting Clan boundaries, although they were breaking the warrior code anyway by not helping Berrypaw) and that they had nothing to do with kittypets. Later in the book, she attacked ThunderClan and was badly beaten. The same thing happened in The Sight.

*Apprentice: Cedarheart
Stumpytail was a warrior of ShadowClan during Brokentail's leadership. He was one of the few warriors that did not leave with Brokentail to go into exile. He was a dark brown tabby tom.

*Apprentice: Brownpaw

Not much is know about Volepaw except that Volepaw was one of Brokentail's apprentices, who mysteriously died.

*Mentor: Brokentail

Wetfoot was a gray tabby tom warrior of ShadowClan. He was mentored by Boulder. In Fire and Ice, he congratulated Firestar and Graystripe on becoming warriors at a Gathering. At the same Gathering, he introduced his apprentice, Oakfur, and Blackclaw of RiverClan.

In Forest of Secrets he was one of the ShadowClan warriors who attacked the ThunderClan camp to try and kill Brokenstar. He jumped at Bluestar, and Firestar fought him off.

*Mentor: Boulder
*Apprentice: Oakfur
*Formerly Known As: Wetpaw (before Into the Wild - Into the Wild)

Whitethroat was a black and white tom with a white throat and underbelly, and he was a ShadowClan warrior. He appeared in Rising Storm with Littlecloud. They were both suffering from the sickness that had killed a lot of ShadowClan cats. Cinderpelt secretly sheltered them on ThunderClan territory and healed them. Then they returned to their territory. Days after Tigerclaw was banished Whitethroat was seen looking at Fireheart under a twoleg bridge his eyes showed that he was scared. Fireheart saw Whitethroat get killed by Tigerclaw. *Death: Killed by Tigerclaw , Rising Storm

See the ThunderClan entry

The New Prophecy
Main Characters
Tawnypelt is a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and a ShadowClan warrior (Formerly from ThunderClan, but ShadowClan accepted her more). She is the daughter of Tigerstar and Goldenflower, sister of Brambleclaw, and the half-sister of Swiftpaw, Hawkfrost, and Mothwing. She is also the aunt to Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw. She was born in Forest of Secrets.

In The Darkest Hour, she joined ShadowClan shortly after she discovered that her father was the leader there. Although Tigerstar was revealed to be tyrannical and evil, she remained with her chosen Clan because she felt more accepted there than in ThunderClan.

In Firestar's Quest it was revealed that Oakfur was her ShadowClan mentor.

In Midnight, she was chosen by Nightstar of StarClan to be the ShadowClan cat to journey to speak with Midnight. During the trek, Tawnypelt gets bitten on her shoulder by a rat, and limps painfully for most of the time. The cats eventually find burdock root, thanks to Leafpool and Squirrelflight's special bond, and Tawnypelt's wound is temporarily soothed. When they meet Midnight, the badger continues to cure Tawnypelt's wound with some burdock root. In Moonrise, the wound breaks open again, and Stoneteller cures her with his own herbs.

In Dawn, Tawnypelt runs to ThunderClan camp, and begs them to help her when the Twolegs are attacking ShadowClan. ThunderClan agrees to help, and ShadowClan eventually shelters with ThunderClan since their camp is destroyed.

In Starlight, Tawnypelt's role is small. Unlike Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt does not acknowledge that Hawkfrost is her half-brother, and unlike most of ShadowClan's warriors, Tawnypelt does not help Mudclaw with his coup.

In Twilight, Squirrelflight sees Tawnypelt being attacked by a hostile kittypet that lives in their territory. She explains to Squirrelflight how the kittypet and his tabby friend gave an apprentice, Talonpaw, such serious injuries that he died soon after dragging himself back to camp. The kittypets' Twolegs also threw something at Cedarheart, breaking his leg. Together, ThunderClan and ShadowClan come up with a plan to stop the kittypets from attacking ShadowClan without their Twolegs interfering. When their plan is successful, Blackstar thanks ThunderClan and Onestar angrily calls Blackstar and Leopardstar terrible leaders for depending so much on ThunderClan.

In Sunset, we discover that Tawnypelt, like Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw is visited by Tigerstar, yet she is the only one to reject him. While Brambleclaw is watching she tells Tigerstar that he only became leader by twisting the warrior code out of proportion in order to get what he wants. She then tells Brambleclaw that he should stop listening to Tigerstar because he had been accepting everything they had tried to avoid since they were kits. She even tells him she was happy that Tigerstar was killed by Scourge after discovering the tyrant he was.

Throughout the entire series, Tawnypelt doesn't seem to be aware that Hawkfrost and Mothwing are her half siblings, but it was mentioned in Dawn that they are Tigerstar's children to all the Clans by Hawkfrost's and Mothwing's mother, Sasha, so it seems she doesn't pay attention to them like Brambleclaw does. Also, until Sunset, she doesn't seem phased when Brambleclaw mentions that he shares his dreams with Hawkfrost.

In The Sight, Tawnypelt is listed as a queen in the Allegiances, however, her kits were not mentioned in the Allegiances. In a recent author chat, the authors have said that Rowanclaw is her mate.

In Secrets of the Clans, she gives a tour of the ShadowClan lake camp.

*Mentors: Brackenfur (ThunderClan), Oakfur (ShadowClan)
*Mate: Rowanclaw
*Kin: Cloudstar, Birdflight, Gorseclaw, Spottedpelt (ancestors), Tigerkit, Flamekit, Dawnkit (kits), Goldenflower (mother), Tigerstar (father), Brambleclaw (brother), Hawkfrost (half-brother), Mothwing (half-sister), Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw (nephews and niece), Spottedleaf (cousin)
*Formerly Known As: Tawnykit (Forest of Secrets - A Dangerous Path), Tawnypaw (A Dangerous Path - Firestar's Quest)

Secondary Characters
Not much is known about Applekit. She becomes friends with Birchfall on the Great Journey. When Applekit's siblings mew their good-byes as the Clans separated after the Great Journey, Applekit runs up and touches noses with Birchfall instead. She and her siblings are not mentioned in The Sight.

In Secrets of the Clans, when Birchfall speaks about becoming an apprentice, he mentions that he hopes to see her and her two siblings at the Gathering, which hints that they might still be alive.

*Kin: Tallpoppy (mother), Marshkit, Toadkit (siblings)

Cedarheart is a dark, gray tom and a current ShadowClan elder.

In Twilight Cedarheart was part of the patrol sent to kill the two kittypets, and his leg was broken when the kittypet's Twoleg threw a hard object at him, and it hit his leg, breaking it.

In The Sight he was an elder. This is probably because of the broken leg he got when a Twoleg threw something sharp at him in Twilight.

*Mentor: Russetfur
*Formerly Known As: Cedarpaw (The Darkest Hour - between The Darkest Hour and Midnight)

Not much is known about Marshkit. He becomes friends with Birchfall on the Great Journey. In the mountains in Dawn, he was almost taken by a hawk, but Brackenfur of ThunderClan saved him. He and his siblings are not mentioned in 'The Sight.

In Secrets of the Clans, when Birchfall speaks about becoming an apprentice, he mentions that he hopes to see him and his two siblings at the Gathering, which hints that they might still be alive.

*Kin: Tallpoppy (mother), Applekit, Toadkit (siblings)

Nightwing is a black she-cat queen in ShadowClan. Not much is known about her since she was never mentioned before Dawn nor after, but her son, Smokepaw, died from a fall in the mountains when they were traveling to the lake, and she cried out his name in agony. She was comforted by Blackstar. She has not been mentioned since then.

Oakfur is a small brown tom. Little else is known about Oakfur, though in The Sight he was still a warrior.

*Mentor: Wetfoot
*Apprentices: Smokepaw, Tawnypelt
*Formerly Known As: Oakpaw (Fire And Ice - between Rising Storm and The Darkest Hour)

Rowanclaw is a ginger tom with a slightly mean attitude. In the first three books of The New Prophecy, "he" was a she-cat, but it has been confirmed that he is a tom. In Twilight, his apprentice, Talonpaw, was killed by a pair of kittypets, and he led a patrol to seek revenge. The authors have confirmed that he is Tawnypelt's mate and the father of her kits. Like most ShadowClan cats, he dislikes half-Clans, but his attitude apparently changes, because he mates with ThunderClan-born Tawnypelt, and his kits are technically half-Clan themselves.

*Mentor: Jaggedtooth
*Apprentices: Talonpaw, Ivypaw
*Mate: Tawnypelt
*Kin: Tigerkit, Flamekit, Dawnkit (kits)
*Formerly Known As: Rowanpaw (A Dangerous Path - between The Darkest Hour and Midnight)

Smokepaw was a gray tom apprentice of ShadowClan. Not much is known about him.

In Dawn, he fell off a cliff and died. His mother, Nightwing, wanted Blackstar to save him, but Blackstar said there was no way he could have survived that fall. He promised Nightwing that ShadowClan will never forget Smokepaw.

*Mentor: Oakfur
*Kin: Nightwing (mother)
*Death: Fell off a cliff, Dawn

Tallpoppy is an attractive, brave, long-legged light brown tabby she-cat. She is the mother of Marshkit, Applekit, and Toadkit. Tallpoppy made friends with Ferncloud and Dawnflower on the Great Journey. She retired in The Sight.

*Mentor: Blackstar
*Kin: Marshkit, Applekit, Toadkit, unknown kits (kits)
*Formerly Known As: Tallpaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Talonpaw was a ShadowClan apprentice, and had Rowanclaw as his mentor. He was killed by the two kittypets near ShadowClan territory. He managed to drag himself back to camp, despite having his legs broken, where he died. Rowanclaw was upset by this loss, and agrees to attack the kittypets, convincing Blackstar to do so also.

*Mentor: Rowanclaw
*Death: Blood loss, Twilight

Not much is known about Toadkit. He becomes friends with Birchfall on the Great Journey. He and his siblings might have died in their new home, as they are not mentioned ever again.

In Secrets of the Clans, when Birchfall speaks about becoming an apprentice, he mentions that he hopes to see him and his two siblings at the Gathering, which hints that they might still be alive.

*Kin: Tallpoppy (mother), Applekit, Marshkit (siblings)

Power of Three
Secondary Characters
Ivypaw is a brown tabby she-cat described as very rude, overconfident, snobby, vain, and cool-tempered. In The Sight, she commented that she could beat Hollypaw in a fight during the contest, and Hollypaw accepts the challenge. Brackenfur intervenes before anything happens. Her mentor is Rowanclaw.

*Mentor: Rowanclaw

Owlpaw is a brown tabby tom with a very aggressive attitude toward ThunderClan. He often mocks ThunderClan because of the former kittypets and warriors from other Clans, plus Graystripe and Daisy's kits, that have status in the Clan. He is a great hunter, and wins the hunting contest, though Lionpaw and Breezepaw were taken out of the event due to falling into a fallen badger den.

His mentor is Smokefoot. In The Sight, Owlpaw heartlessly mocks Jaypaw because of Jaypaw's blindness. He also taunted Berrypaw, calling him a kittypet.

*Mentor: Smokefoot

Smokefoot is a black tom warrior of ShadowClan. Not much is known about him.

Smokefoot is not the same cat as Smokepaw, as Smokepaw was gray, and Smokefoot is black.

In The Sight, he gets his first apprentice, Owlpaw. Both Smokefoot and Owlpaw mock Jaypaw, but are chased away by ThunderClan.

*Apprentice: Owlpaw

Snowbird is a pure white she-cat. She was not mentioned as a warrior or an apprentice in Sunset, so her origins are unknown. The only time she was mentioned was in the Allegiances portion of The Sight.

Firestar's Quest
Secondary Characters
Dawnstar was a creamy brown she-cat and the leader of ShadowClan when SkyClan was driven out. She refused to allow SkyClan cats to share her territory. Later, she apologizes for sending SkyClan into exile. She also gives Leafstar the life of determination. Firestar wondered how such a graceful cat could have become a leader of ShadowClan.

Hollowbelly was a black-and-white tom and a warrior of ShadowClan when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about him.

Molepelt was a small black tom and the medicine cat of ShadowClan when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about him.

Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans
Cloudpelt was Raggedstar's second deputy. He didn't last much longer than Foxheart did. Nothing else is known about him.

Foxheart was one of Raggedstar's deputies. Most of ShadowClan seemed to think that Brokentail was her son, since Raggedstar was easy on her and because she was a bit quiet and kept to herself. She didn't seem to mind the rumors, according to Yellowfang, because it made other cats respect her. She died during a battle with rats at Carrionplace. Nothing else is known about her.

Lizardstripe was a brown she-cat with a white underbelly. She was the ShadowClan queen who suckled Brokentail. She seemed to hate kits, even at one point saying she didn't choose to have them, and seemed to be very grumpy. She says at one point, "I would have made Mudclaw have these brats of mine himself," while talking about her kits. The Mudclaw she is referring to is not the WindClan warrior, because he is too young. She was against taking in Brokentail at first, but she had no choice but to take good care of Brokentail. Raggedstar pointed out that it was a great opportunity to suckle a leader's kit. She died from greencough shortly after Foxheart died. Nothing else is known about Lizardstripe.

*Mate: Mudclaw
*Kin: Unnamed kits
*Death: Died of greencough

for information on the WindClan warrior see here.

Mudclaw was a ShadowClan warrior.

*Mate: Lizardstripe
*Kin: Unnamed kits

Pebbleheart was a dark gray tabby tom and the first medicine cat of ShadowClan. He was selfless, caring, and desperate to help his Clanmates with any problem. He weakened himself by working tirelessly and realized that the rats of Carrionplace were a source of infection. Ironically, he died of a rat-bourne illness.

Shadowstar was a black she-cat with green eyes and thick fur. She was a strategist, ferociously independent, and was bold in battle. She was the founder and first leader of ShadowClan and worked with Thunderstar, Windstar, and Riverstar to develop the warrior code, but spent the rest of her life complaining about it. She was formerly known as Shadow. Shadowstar was the first of the four original leaders to lose all nine lives, losing her last life in a battle she started with other Clans.

*Formerly Known As: Shadow