Riverclan Cats

Original Series
Main Characters
Silverstream was a pretty silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and she was the daughter of Crookedstar, a RiverClan leader. She saved Graystripe from drowning in the river close to ThunderClan's border, and they soon fell in love. They started an illicit romance that lasted from Fire and Ice to Forest of Secrets. Silverstream died while giving birth to their kits, Feathertail and Stormfur.

In The Darkest Hour, Silverstream gave Firestar his third life and the gift of loyalty to what he knows is right. Firestar wondered if this was related to him helping Graystripe see his forbidden love. Also, when Firestar asked her if she had any words for Graystripe, she said nothing, but her eyes told Firestar more than any words. This may also be a hint to Graystripe's later mate, Millie, and Silverstream's way of admitting that she and Graystripe wouldn't be together again for a long time, so Graystripe had the right to choose someone else. However, this is rather unlikely, since The Darkest Hour was so far before The Sight, in which Millie was introduced. Silverstream's best friend was Mistyfoot. Mistyfoot was the only other cat other than Firestar who knew about Graystripe and Silverstream.

Leafpool sees Silverstream and Feathertail together during a dream from StarClan in Sunset, and Stormfur also saw his mother's spirit, along with his sister's, after Feathertail's death in Moonrise. Silverstream also comes to speak with Stormfur after he escapes the Tribe with the rest of the traveling cats' help.

In the manga, Silverstream comes to Graystripe twice in his dreams. The first time she brought Feathertail with her, and told him that joining StarClan was nothing to fear. The second time she told him to go back to the Clans, saying he was a warrior of ThunderClan. She also added that she would always be with him. It is not known how she feels about Graystripe taking Millie as his mate. Though in the manga, she told him he already had a traveling partner, hinting that she was all right with him and Millie.

In Secrets of the Clans, Silverstream tells about the night when RiverClan's camp flooded, and the story also says that Silverpaw and Silverstream were two different cats.

She appears in Firestar's Quest to remind Firestar of what 'loyalty to what you know is right' means, and indirectly to tell Firestar to search for SkyClan.

*Mate: Graystripe (ThunderClan)
*Kin: Feathertail, Stormfur (kits), Crookedstar (father)
*Death: Giving birth to her kits, Forest of Secrets

Secondary Characters
Blackclaw is a smoky black tom. He is a current senior warrior of RiverClan. In the first series he was shown getting into battles and often attacking ThunderClan cats. In the New Prophecy Blackclaw is Hawkfrost's Darkstripe. He supports him when he was deputy. He also was part of Mudclaw's rebellion along with Hawkfrost in Starlight. From Dawn to Sunset he and Hawkfrost mock Mistyfoot while she's deputy. In Sunset Blackclaw and Hawkfrost work together to drive Stormfur and Brook out of RiverClan. In The Sight he is a senior warrior and seems to have calmed down since the death of Hawkfrost.

*Apprentices: Heavystep, Voletooth, Beechfur

Crookedstar was a huge, light-colored tomcat with a twisted jaw and green eyes. He was the former RiverClan leader before Leopardstar, father of Silverstream, and grandfather of Feathertail and Stormfur.

In Into the Wild, Crookedstar makes an agreement with Brokentail to allow ShadowClan to hunt on RiverClan territory, but after Brokentail was chased out of ShadowClan, Crookedstar broke that agreement. Nightstar, who was the ShadowClan's new leader, suggests that they keep the agreement because ShadowClan was still weak from Brokentail. Bluestar then reminds them that the agreement was made when Brokentail was the leader, and it is forgotten when Crookedstar mentions that ShadowClan could hunt in WindClan's territory. Crookedstar loved Silverstream deeply, and was very depressed with his daughter's death, and agreed to let Graystripe (Silverstream's mate) join RiverClan to be with his kits, Feathertail and Stormfur. He grew sick and weak, and eventually died. He was also fond of Feathertail.

*Apprentices: Graypool, Stonefur
*Kin: Silverstream (kit), Feathertail, Stormfur (grandkits)
*Death: Sickness/weakness/old age, A Dangerous Path
*Deputy: Oakheart, Leopardstar

Dawnflower is a pale gray she-cat. She is a current RiverClan queen. Dawnflower was made an apprentice in a Dangerous Path, and her mentor was Heavystep. She was one of the cats that helped drive BloodClan out of the forest in The Darkest Hour. In Midnight, Dawnflower was a queen. In Dawn she is seen being protective of her kit, Tumblekit. She is also bitter at Hawkfrost and Mothwing after learning that Tigerstar was their father. She tried to get Leopardstar to kick them both out of RiverClan because of their heritage. In Twilight, Dawnflower and her three kits become sick from a poison the Twolegs brought. She got sick from cleaning the poison off her kits. Dawnflower and two of her kits survived. As of The Sight, Dawnflower is still a queen.

*Mentor: Heavystep
*Kin: Tumblekit, Minnowpaw, unnamed kits, Pebblepaw (kits)
*Formerly Known As: Dawnpaw (A Dangerous Path - Firestar's Quest)

Graypool was a dark gray RiverClan elder with amber eyes, and the foster mother of Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She had a sharp tongue, a short temper, and she didn't suffer fools gladly. She had a softer side, as evidenced when she took in the two kits Oakheart gave her.

In Forest of Secrets, Firestar asks her how Oakheart died, and Graypool tells him. In the prologue of the same book, Graypool is shown as a queen with one surviving kit (the other two had died). After questioning Oakheart a little, she takes in Oakheart's kits, although she notices the scent of an enemy Clan (which was ThunderClan, and they turned out to be Mistyfoot and Stonefur) on them.

She died in A Dangerous Path, when she was talking to Tigerstar, thinking he was Oakheart. When she realized her mistake, she took a step backwards, slipping and falling awkwardly, hitting her head on a jutting rock.

*Mentor: Crookedstar
*Kin: Unknown kits
*Death: Hit her head on a jutting rock while backing away from Tigerstar, A Dangerous Path
*Formerly Known As: Graypaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Greenflower was a RiverClan queen mentioned in Forest of Secrets. She was seen with Silverstream after a Gathering, while RiverClan were offering ThunderClan a way home. She had lost two kits because they were born too soon, and Leopardfur, Mistyfoot, and Stonefur took this as a sign from StarClan that Stormfur and Feathertail, Graystripe and Silverstream's kits, belonged to RiverClan. Graystripe mentions Greenflower as caring for the kits, however it is later known that another queen, Mosspelt, was the kits' foster mother.

*Kin: Unknown kits (kits)

Heavystep was a thickset tabby tom elder of RiverClan. He was mentored by Blackclaw. In A Dangerous Path, he became a warrior and gained his first apprentice, Dawnflower. In Starlight, he gains his second apprentice, Stonestream. In Twilight, he becomes an elder. In Sunset, Mudfur tells Leafpool to tell Mothwing where to find catmint to cure Heavystep. Leafpool fails to tell Mothwing this, and Heavystep dies. Due to a mistake, he is still listed as an elder in the Allegiances in The Sight. It was noted in Firestar's Quest that he looks like the former leader of RiverClan Birchstar and the SkyClan warrior Clovertail.

*Mentor: Blackclaw
*Apprentices: Dawnflower, Stonestream
*Formerly Known As: Heavypaw (Fire and Ice - A Dangerous Path)
*Death: Greencough, Sunset

Leopardstar is a dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and the RiverClan leader. She is a wise leader and has good intentions for her Clan, but she, like Blackstar, can sometimes become overprotective of her borders and too quick to punish any cats from any Clans. Unlike her predecessor, Crookedstar, she doesn't like to cooperate with the other Clans and she has little respect for Firestar at first. This could be because of the death of the RiverClan warrior Whiteclaw, whom she mentored, in Fire and Ice, who died battling Graystripe on the ThunderClan cats' way home from finding WindClan. She expressed grief over his death and may have some bitterness towards Graystripe and ThunderClan cats. She also was a supporter of Tigerstar and RiverClan joined ShadowClan to make TigerClan.

Although she supported Tigerstar at first, she later grew to regret it. As stubborn as she was, Tigerstar took control over her entire Clan, and Leopardstar couldn't even defend her own deputy (Stonefur) when he was being attacked and later killed for being half-RiverClan and half-ThunderClan, though it is obvious that she wanted to prevent his death. Before the battle against BloodClan, Leopardstar offers Mistyfoot the position of deputy, which Mistyfoot accepts.

Leopardstar loses some of her aggressive, angry nature in The New Prophecy, though she remains stubborn. She was the last leader to agree to leave the forest in Dawn. Leopardstar is also kind to Leafpool, ThunderClan's medicine cat, and in Sunset, Leopardstar creates tension between RiverClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan when she and Blackstar demanded more territory from them for RiverClan and ShadowClan. She is also revealed to be the oldest of the current Clan leaders.

*Apprentices: Whiteclaw, Hawkfrost.
*Formerly Known As: Leopardfur (Into the Wild - A Dangerous Path)
*Deputy: Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Hawkfrost (only untill Mistyfoot returnd from being captured by twolegs)

Loudbelly was a dark brown tom, an elder of RiverClan. He mentored Silverpaw. In Midnight, he became an elder. In Dawn, he chose to stay behind with Shadepelt, Frostfur, and Speckletail. He has died since then, as Graystripe said in The Sight about the forest that it was torn up completely, and no cat would have survived.

*Apprentice: Silverpaw
*Death: Starved or torn up, sometime after Dawn

Mistyfoot is a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is the sister of Stonefur, and she is Bluestar and Oakheart's daughter. In Forest of Secrets, she helped Firestar and Graystripe find out about Oakheart and Tigerstar's secrets. Firestar and Graystripe also rescued two of her kits from drowning. She is very friendly to Firestar and Graystripe.

Before The New Prophecy, she mentored Feathertail. But when Tigerstar started to reign in the stead of Leopardstar, he made Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Feathertail and Stormfur into prisoners because of their half-RiverClan blood and half-ThunderClan blood. Stonefur ended up being killed for the sake of Stormfur and Feathertail. Graystripe, Firestar, and Ravenpaw (whom had witnessed the whole thing) rescued them and let them stay in ThunderClan camp for a while. Some opposed it, but Whitestorm pointed out that they were half ThunderClan, too. After the battle between LionClan and BloodClan, Mistyfoot, Feathertail, and Stormfur went back to RiverClan (Mistyfoot had been chosen to be deputy).

In Dawn, she was kidnapped by the Twolegs after chasing Gorsetail of WindClan off of her territory. She is then rescued by the ThunderClan cats. When she came back to RiverClan, she returned to being deputy again, forcing Hawkfrost to step down from his temporary reign as deputy. Since then, she puts up with Hawkfrost undermining her authority and questioning her leadership. She remains a friend of Firestar and in Starlight was the one to warn ThunderClan of Mudclaw's rebellion against Onewhisker for leadership of WindClan.

In Starlight she at first sees Brambleclaw as immature and inexperienced, acting slightly superior, but she sees Brambleclaw is brave and clever, and Mistyfoot begins to listen and act less hostile. She also got in a quarrel with Tawnypelt while they were looking for new territories.

In Twilight, Leopardstar sent her to help Leafpool and Mothwing with the poisoned cats. Leafpool sends her to find the cause of the illness and she finds silver-green Twoleg stuff (toxic waste). Hawkfrost and Blackclaw come with Leafpool and Mistyfoot where he undermines Mistyfoot by claiming the patrols were set up badly if no one had noticed the waste. Mistyfoot and Leafpool leave them to the barrier as they return to camp to explain what they had found to Mothwing and Leopardstar.

In Secrets of the Clans she gives a tour of the RiverClan lake camp.

It was noted in Firestar's Quest that Mistyfoot had become friends with Sandstorm.

*Apprentices: Feathertail, Dapplepaw
*Kin: Bluestar (mother), Oakheart (father), Stonefur (brother), unnamed kits (kits), Mosskit (brother; died when Bluestar was waiting for Oakheart), Moonflower (grandmother), Snowfur (aunt), Whitestorm, Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Molepaw, Cinderpaw, Poppypaw, Honeypaw (cousins)
*Formerly Known As: Mistykit (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Mosspelt is a tortoiseshell she-cat warrior of RiverClan. She has been a queen several times but her only named kit is Willowpaw, the medicine cat apprentice. In Rising Storm, she took on Graystripe's kits, Feathertail and Stormfur. In Twilight, she sent the message to Leafpool that RiverClan needed her help, as the Twoleg poison had several cats very sick. In The Sight, she took on Pebblepaw as her apprentice.

*Apprentice: Pebblepaw
*Kin: Willowpaw, unknown kits (kits)

Mudfur was a light brown tom, and the medicine cat of RiverClan. In Midnight, Mudfur took on Mothwing as an apprentice. Most of RiverClan and the other Clans disagreed, and he said that he would wait for a sign before the next half-moon. If the sign came, he said Mothwing would be accepted by StarClan and they had no right to complain if the sign came. In Dawn, Mothwing told Leafpool that Mudfur was ill, and Leafpool and Cinderpelt went over. He had trouble talking, and it looked like he was going to die. Cinderpelt gave him some herbs, and she said she wanted to make him sleep. Later in Dawn, Mothwing said RiverClan couldn't leave because Mudfur was dying. Runningnose, Cinderpelt and Leafpool all went over to see if they could help, but Mudfur died right before them. In Sunset, he appears in a dream to Leafpool and tells her where Mothwing can find catmint, but Leafpool doesn't get to talk to Mothwing, and the elder, Heavystep, dies.

*Apprentice: Mothwing
*Death: Sickness, Dawn

Oakheart was a big, bracken-colored tom. He was the former RiverClan deputy, before Leopardstar. He was also the father of Stonefur, Mistyfoot, and Mosskit, and mate of Bluestar.

Not much known about Oakheart's past except that during one bitter leaf-bare at a Gathering, a young Oakheart and Bluestar met each other. They were not mates for long, and when Bluestar discovered she was pregnant with his kits, she intended to raise them in ThunderClan and keep the identity of their father a secret. According to Bluefur, if a queen chose not to reveal a kit's father, she did not have to. Bluestar decided to give the kits to Oakheart to take into RiverClan, as RiverClan was better fed than ThunderClan at the time. Bluestar would also be able to help her own Clan by succeeding the retiring deputy Tawnyspots, instead of having Tawnyspots succeeded by an arrogant, violent, dangerous warrior named Thistleclaw.

Only two of the kits were brought into RiverClan (the third kit, Mosskit, died by Bluefur's side as they waited at the river), and Oakheart gave them to the RiverClan queen Graypool to raise, claiming that he had found the kits abandoned in the forest.

In the prologue of Into the Wild, during a battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan over the Sunningrocks part of ThunderClan's territory, Oakheart was smashed and killed by a rockfall, while Redtail, then as ThunderClan's deputy, who had engaged him in battle, was able to avoid the rocks' collapse. In StarClan, Oakheart and Bluestar remain good friends, and in Midnight of The New Prophecy, Oakheart was the one who chose Feathertail of RiverClan to go on the journey to the sun-drown-place. He made that choice to please Bluestar. There is no mention of Mosskit being with either Bluestar or Oakheart in StarClan.

*Mate: Bluestar
*Kin: Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Mosskit (died at the river) (kits), unnamed kits (grandkits)
*Death: Killed by falling rocks, Into the Wild

Shadepelt was a very dark gray she-cat RiverClan elder. She was mentioned along with Silverpaw in Secrets of the Clans. In Midnight, she retired to become an elder. Shadepelt decided to stay in the forest with Speckletail, Frostfur, and Loudbelly while their Clans journeyed to their new home. She has died since then, as Graystripe said in The Sight about the forest that it was torn up completely, and no cat would have survived.

*Mentor: Stonefur
*Death: Starved or torn up, sometime after Dawn
*Formerly Known As: Shadepaw (Fire and Ice - Rising Storm)

Silverpaw was a RiverClan apprentice from Fire and Ice to Rising Storm. Silverpaw was mentioned in Secrets of the Clans along with Shadepelt. Not much else is known about Silverpaw.

*Mentor: Loudbelly

Stonefur was a blue-gray-colored tom with battle-scarred ears, blue eyes, and looks that almost exactly match his sister and mother, Mistyfoot and Bluestar. He was a warrior and deputy of RiverClan, although his mother was Bluestar, the leader of ThunderClan, while his father was Oakheart, RiverClan's deputy. In addition, Stonefur is the brother of Mistyfoot and Mosskit.

In A Dangerous Path, Stonefur becomes deputy, and just after Bluestar admires her son, he and Mistyfoot attack her. Fireheart then tells them how Bluestar is their mother. At the end of A Dangerous Path, Mistyfoot and Stonefur are with their mother in her final moments, and mourn her in ThunderClan's camp.

In The Darkest Hour, after Tigerstar convinces Leopardstar to join TigerClan, he attempts to force Stonefur to prove his loyalty by killing the half-Clan apprentices, Feathertail and Stormfur, who are half-ThunderClan. Stonefur refuses to slay the two, and Tigerstar orders him killed. Darkstripe is the first to attack Stonefur, but Stonefur defeats Darkstripe. Blackstar takes Darkstripe's place in finishing off Stonefur. He also briefly speaks to Firestar later in the same book in StarClan.

*Mentor: Crookedstar
*Apprentices: Shadepelt, Stormfur
*Kin: Bluestar (mother), Oakheart (father), Mistyfoot (sister), Mosskit (brother; dead) Mistyfoot's unnamed kits (nieces/nephews), Moonflower (grandmother), Snowfur (aunt), Whitestorm, Sorreltail, Sootfur, Rainwhisker, Molepaw, Cinderpaw, Poppypaw, Honeypaw (cousins)
*Death: Murdered by Blackstar, The Darkest Hour
*Formerly Known As: Stonekit (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans), Stonepaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

Whiteclaw was a dark RiverClan warrior with one white paw. He was in the battle at the gorge with ThunderClan and WindClan, and despite Graystripe's best efforts to save him, he fell into the gorge and drowned in the river. Leopardstar, his mentor, seemed particularly upset by his death.

*Mentor: Leopardstar
*Death: Fell into the gorge, Fire and Ice
*Formerly Known As: Whitepaw (before Into the Wild, name mentioned in Secrets of the Clans)

The New Prophecy
Main Characters
Feathertail was a pale, long-furred silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and the daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream. Her brother is Stormfur, and she was a warrior of RiverClan. She is also the granddaughter of Crookedstar. She was born in Forest of Secrets.

She was chosen by Oakheart of StarClan to be the RiverClan cat to journey to speak with Midnight. During the journey, Feathertail fell in love with WindClan's chosen cat, Crowfeather. She also played part in the Tribe of Rushing Water's prophecy, which said that a silver cat would come to save them from the lion-cat Sharptooth. Sharptooth had terrorized the Tribe for moons, and had picked off cats one by one with ease. Feathertail gave her life to save Crowpaw from Sharptooth by loosening some rock from the ceiling of the Tribe's cave, crushing him, but killing herself in the process. At the end of Dawn, she watched Crowpaw receive his choosing of the warrior name Crowfeather as a spirit.

She now hunts in two skies, with StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting (the Tribe of Rushing Water's ancestors). In Starlight, she spoke with Leafpool and told her to give a message to Crowfeather. Feathertail does not want him to grieve for her, and not to be blind to the living. In Twilight, she speaks to Leafpool again, this time to deliver a message to Mothwing, who refuses to believe in StarClan, and therefore StarClan cannot reach her in her dreams. Her message describes Twolegs causing great danger to RiverClan. Mothwing heeds the warning only because she trusts Leafpool. Even though Mothwing doesn't realize it, she misses toxic waste that poisons her Clan, killing an elder, Ivytail, and a very young kit.

In Sunset, Feathertail helps Leafpool teach Willowpaw, Mothwing's apprentice, about StarClan, since a disbelieving Mothwing is unable. When Feathertail introduces herself to the young apprentice, Willowpaw claims that the she-cat is a heroine and Feathertail, embarrassed by the attention, goes on to show Willowpaw where to find catmint close to RiverClan's territory.

In the manga, she accompanies her mother when Silverstream visits Graystripe in a dream.

In Secrets of the Clans, she gives a tour of the RiverClan forest camp.

*Mentor: Mistyfoot
*Mate: Crowfeather (temporarily)
*Kin: Silverstream (mother), Graystripe (father), Stormfur (brother), Crookedstar, (grandfather)
*Death: Killed in a rockfall, Moonrise
*Formerly Known As: Featherkit (Forest of Secrets - A Dangerous Path), Featherpaw (A Dangerous Path - between The Darkest Hour and Midnight)

Hawkfrost was a dark brown tabby tom with a white belly and ice blue eyes. He was a RiverClan warrior, son of Tigerstar and Sasha, and brother of Mothwing. Being Tigerstar's son, Hawkfrost is Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt's half brother. He is also half-uncle to Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw, Brambleclaw's kits.

Since Tigerstar is part SkyClan (as revealed in Firestar's Quest), Hawkfrost has SkyClan blood as well.

Though born from a rogue mother, he is loyal to his Clan and always fights to protect it. Unlike Brambleclaw, however, Hawkfrost is not ashamed of who his father was, and unlike his sister Mothwing, Hawkfrost faithfully believes in StarClan. He may have lost his loyalty to StarClan under his father's influence.

Hawkfrost speaks with Brambleclaw and Tigerstar occasionally in his dreams. There, Tigerstar encourages his sons to rise to power within their Clans and Hawkfrost seems to agree with his father wholeheartedly.

When Mistyfoot was taken by Twolegs, Hawkfrost was made deputy in her place, but was forced to step down when she returned. He has since challenged her authority in many ways. He orders other cats around, disagrees with Mistyfoot's orders, and makes snide comments to Clanmates about how she neglects the Clan (most of which are untrue). He was also favored by Leopardstar and if Mistyfoot had remained captured Hawkfrost would have remained deputy and may, like his father, Tigerstar, have killed Leopardstar to become leader.

In Moonrise, it is hinted that Hawkfrost is dark-hearted when he makes comments to Mothwing about how RiverClan could take over the other Clans' territory because they are weaker.

In Starlight, he sided with Mudclaw of WindClan and led a rebellion against Onestar, the WindClan leader, (then Onewhisker) when he still had only one life. When Mudclaw was killed by a falling tree that had been struck by lightning, Hawkfrost (and many others) saw it as a sign from StarClan and apologized for his actions.

In Twilight Hawkfrost was very good-hearted to Brambleclaw, despite Squirrelflight believing that he is untrustworthy. Other than insulting Mistyfoot's job as RiverClan's deputy, practically to her face, and his dreams with Tigerstar where he promises to follow in his father's pawsteps, Hawkfrost is an excellent warrior. He helps with the toxic Twoleg waste incident by building a thorn barrier around the object with Blackclaw's help. He also thanks Leafpool when she reminds him to wash his paws in a stream.

In Sunset, his heart somewhat darkens under Tigerstar's help, and Hawkfrost is shown largely trying to stir up trouble. It is revealed that it was he who placed the moth's wing at Mudfur's den, causing him to take it as a sign from StarClan and take Mothwing as an apprentice. He now threatens to reveal this secret in order to control Mothwing. Hawkfrost uses this control to get his sister to tell all of the Clans about a dream at a Gathering. Made up by Hawkfrost, the dream had the image of a stream with two large pebbles blocking its flow until they were removed. The dream suggests that two cats who are unlike the rest, Stormfur and Brook, should not be welcomed in RiverClan and that they need to be expelled in order for the Clan to function properly.

Hawkfrost is also plotting with his father, Tigerstar, in dreams more so than Brambleclaw, and the two devise a test. After Brambleclaw is made deputy of ThunderClan, Hawkfrost traps Firestar in a fox trap, and orders his half-brother to kill Firestar and take over ThunderClan. Brambleclaw refuses, yanking the trap off of Firestar and plunging the sharp end into Hawkfrost's throat, killing him. Moments before he dies, Hawkfrost hints a ThunderClan warrior helped him and vows that their feud is not yet over.

In The Sight Hawkfrost and Tigerstar tempt Jaypaw into joining them. Spottedleaf however intervenes and leads Jaypaw away.

*Mentor: Leopardstar (regular mentor), Tigerstar (in his dreams)
*Kin: Cloudstar, Birdflight, Spottedpelt, Gorseclaw (ancestors), Sasha (mother), Tigerstar (father), Tawnypelt (half-sister), Brambleclaw, (half-brother), Mothwing (sister) Hollypaw, Jaypaw, Lionpaw (niece and nephews)
*Death: Killed by Brambleclaw, Sunset
*Formerly Known As: Hawkpaw (between The Darkest Hour and Midnight - Midnight)

Stormfur is a solid dark gray tom with amber eyes. He is the son of Graystripe and Silverstream, brother of Feathertail, and grandson of Crookedstar, a former RiverClan warrior. He was born in Forest of Secrets.

Stormfur was originally not one of the chosen cats for the journey, but he went to protect Feathertail, his sister. He left RiverClan to go join the Tribe of Rushing Water when all four Clans were traveling to their new home in Dawn. He had fallen in love with a she-cat there named Brook Where Small Fish Swim (Brook), and had no other ties left to his Clan. Before he fell in love with Brook he was fond of Squirrelflight. He said that his father was gone, his sister and mother were dead, and the closest cat that wasn't his kin (Stonefur, his mentor) was dead.

After the battle with the badgers at the climax of Twilight, he and Brook arrive in ThunderClan, shocked to see the camp in ruins. They claim to have come to check on the Clans and make sure they reached their journey's end, and stay with ThunderClan for a while. Stormfur eventually decides to remain loyal to his birth Clan and the two leave to rejoin RiverClan. There, Hawkfrost makes trouble for them by making Mothwing dishonestly claim to have received a sign from StarClan. He later goads Stormfur into attacking him, at which point an angry Leopardstar exiles him from RiverClan. The two return to ThunderClan. Brambleclaw suspects that there is some as yet unseen reason that they are so reluctant to return to the mountains. Stormfur also says that it's not possible for he and Brook to return to the mountains.

Stormfur and Brook are still with ThunderClan as of The Sight.

*Mentor: Stonefur, Graystripe (after death of Stonefur), unknown RiverClan cat (after Stormfur returned to RiverClan)
*Apprentices: Brook (teaching her the ways of the forest)
*Mate: Brook (Tribe of Rushing Water/RiverClan/ThunderClan)
*Kin: Silverstream (mother), Graystripe (father), Feathertail (sister), Crookedstar, (grandfather)
*Formerly Known As: Stormkit (Forest of Secrets - A Dangerous Path), Stormpaw (A Dangerous Path - Firestar's Quest)

Secondary Characters
Beechfur is a light brown tom warrior of RiverClan. He became an apprentice in Twilight, and later became very sick due to the Twoleg poison, and he nearly choked on some yarrow leaves which would help him. Willowpaw removed the obstruction, and Beechfur was saved.

*Mentor: Blackclaw
*Formerly Known As: Beechpaw (Twilight - between Sunset and The Sight)

Ivytail was a brown tabby she-cat, and an elder of RiverClan. She was only seen in Twilight, in which she died of poisoning and Hawkfrost and Heavystep were bearing her body out. Nothing else is known about Ivytail.

*Death: Poisoning, Twilight

Minnowpaw is one of Dawnflower's many kits. She is fluffy, gray-and-white, and beautiful. Minnowpaw led her siblings to the Twoleg poisoned liquid while exploring the territory without any warriors. She was also the one who brought up the idea to try drinking the liquid, causing her and her siblings to become sick. When they got home, Dawnflower, after washing them and therefore picking up the waste from their fur, became sick with the kits. One of Minnowpaw's siblings died from being too weak to fight off the poison, and though Minnowpaw herself was sick, she was defiant and tried to refuse to eat the medicine. She apparently got better with some of the other cats when Leafpool arrived.

In The Sight she is seen at a Gathering by Lionpaw and Mousepaw. Mousepaw seems reluctant to leave her, and Lionpaw thinks that he is "moony-eyed" around her. She is tougher than she looks.

*Mentor: Voletooth
*Kin: Dawnflower (mother), unnamed kit (sister), Pebblepaw and Tumblekit (brothers)
*Formerly Known As: Minnowkit (Twilight-between Sunset and The Sight)

Mothwing is a beautiful, traingular-faced, golden tabby she-cat with a dappled coat and amber eyes. Mothwing is the RiverClan medicine cat, mentored by Mudfur (he died in Dawn).

She, unlike the other medicine cats, does not believe in StarClan, although this does not stop her from being a skilled healer. It is thought that she only became a medicine cat because a moth's wing appeared outside of the den of her mentor, Mudfur, RiverClan's previous medicine cat. Mudfur took it to be a sign from StarClan. When Leafpool mentions it to her in Starlight (after learning of Mothwing's disbelief in StarClan), Mothwing's eyes widen and says "That was-"; but before she could finish, Cinderpelt called Leafpool. In Sunset it is revealed that Hawkfrost caught the moth and put it there for Mothwing, so as to be able to threaten Mothwing into doing what he wants. Hawkfrost didn't tell Mothwing what he did until the next morning, thereby taking control of her and crushing her faith in StarClan. Feathertail tells Leafpool in Twilight that StarClan had hoped Mothwing would believe in them after spending some time as a medicine cat. Unfortunately, she still ignores StarClan's dreams, even at the Moonpool.

Mothwing is a loyal friend to Leafpool and she has helped her on numerous occasions. In Twilight, Leafpool delivers a message from Feathertail to Mothwing. Since Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, Feathertail couldn't reach her. Despite the prophecy from Feathertail, Mothwing still refuses to believe in StarClan. She somewhat misses the point of the prophecy (which told of Twolegs bringing great danger to RiverClan), and a number of her Clan was poisoned by toxic waste from a Twoleg object. The cause of some the poisoning was a trio of kits, led by Minnowpaw, who thought it would be fun to run around in, and drink, the sticky liquid. Leafpool comes to the conclusion that Dawnflower, the kits' mother, got the sickness from the kits, however the rest of the cats picked it up on their own.

As Leafpool and Mothwing take care of the ill cats, Willowpaw, Mosspelt's daughter, helps them and Leafpool claims that Willowpaw seems to be the perfect apprentice for Mothwing once she's six moons old.

In Sunset, Hawkfrost blackmails Mothwing into making up a prophecy against Stormfur and Brook by threatening to tell the whole of RiverClan the truth unless she does as he says. She, disappointedly, tells Leopardstar that StarClan sent her a sign saying Brook and Stormfur were unwelcome in RiverClan.

Mothwing said that she did try to believe in StarClan before, but after learning that the moth's wing sign was not from StarClan, she lost faith. Later, Willowpaw becomes Mothwing's apprentice, and Leafpool is called upon by StarClan to teach the apprentice about StarClan, while Mothwing teaches her how to heal.

In The Sight, Jaypaw, wondering why he couldn't scent Mothwing in his dream among the other medicine cats, withdraws from his dream and searches her thoughts, seeing the ordinary dreams of a normal warrior. He suspects that she does not believe in StarClan.

*Mentor: Unknown warrior, Mudfur (medicine cat)
*Apprentices: Willowpaw
*Kin: Sasha (mother), Tigerstar (father), Tawnypelt (half-sister), Hawkfrost (brother), Brambleclaw (half-brother), Jaypaw, Hollypaw, Lionpaw (niece and nephews)
*Formerly Known As: Mothpaw (Firestar's Quest - Midnight)

Reedwhisker is a black RiverClan tom. In Moonrise, he nearly drowned after falling into the river, but Leafpool saved him with the help of her guardian Spottedleaf when Mothwing panicked; he had just been a new apprentice. In Twilight, he helps Leafpool and Mothwing with the epidemic in RiverClan, gathering yarrow with Rippletail's help.

*Apprentices: Rippletail, Pouncepaw
*Formerly Known As: Reedpaw (before or in Moonrise - Twilight)

Rippletail is dark gray tabby tom warrior of RiverClan. He helped his mentor, Reedwhisker, gather yarrow for the sick cats in Twilight. He was mentioned as a she-cat in Twilight, but changed to a tom (much like Rowanclaw). Nothing else is known about Rippletail.

*Mentor: Reedwhisker
*Formerly Known As: Ripplepaw (Twilight - between Sunset and The Sight)

Splashpaw was a former RiverClan apprentice. Splashpaw only appeared in the Allegiances of Dawn, but did not appear again. Nothing else is known about Splashpaw.

*Mentor: Swallowtail

Stonestream is a gray RiverClan tom. Nothing else is known about him. He is an elder in The Sight, and certainly became one too quickly since he was an apprentice in Starlight.

*Mentor: Heavystep
*Formerly Known As: Stonepaw (Starlight - Twilight)

Swallowtail is a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She first appeared in Dawn. On the Great Journey, she made friends with Rainwhisker of ThunderClan. In Starlight, Rainwhisker went to lick her ears but stopped as the act was awkward among the recently separated Clans. In The Sight, she became an elder much too quickly. Nothing else is known about Swallowtail.

*Apprentice: Splashpaw

Tumblekit is one of Dawnflower's kits. He is described as a chubby brown tabby tom. He was introduced in Dawn, but hasn't appeared in the other books.

*Kin: Dawnflower (mother), Minnowpaw, unnamed kit (sisters), Pebblepaw (brother)

Voletooth is a small brown tabby tom. He was made an apprentice in Dawn. He was made a warrior in Twilight, and he sat his vigil during the first Gathering on the island at the lake. He was one of the cats to fall ill because of the Twoleg poison, but he recovered. In The Sight, he gets his first apprentice, Minnowpaw.

*Mentor: Blackclaw
*Apprentices: Minnowpaw
*Formerly Known As: Volepaw (Dawn - Twilight)

Willowpaw is a small, slender dark gray she-cat with green eyes, Mosspelt's daughter, and the RiverClan medicine cat apprentice. Willowpaw has a gentle heart and a thirst to become a great medicine cat, but it will be difficult for her, as her mentor Mothwing has no knowledge nor belief of StarClan. Feathertail entrusts Leafpool to teach her the ways of StarClan, while Willowpaw learns how to heal from Mothwing.

Willowpaw seems to have natural talent for medicine cat duties. This was shown in Twilight, when she helped Mothwing with the sickness, caused by Twoleg wastes and three ignorant kits (Minnowpaw, Pebblepaw, and their deceased sister) who thought it would be fun to drink the poison, when she was just a kit herself. In Sunset, Willowpaw is apprenticed to Mothwing, and Leafpool is present at her ceremony at the Moonpool. Willowpaw is also visited by Leafpool and Feathertail in a dream, in order for them to tell her where to find catmint.

In The Sight she and Jaypaw develop a rivalry. She is also quite friendly toward Hollypaw.

*Mentor: Mothwing, Leafpool (mentors her in the way of StarClan)
*Kin: Mosspelt (mother)
*Formerly Known As: Willowkit (Dawn - Sunset)

Power of Three
Secondary Characters

Dapplepaw is a current apprentice of RiverClan. She has not appeared in the series, but was mentioned by Willowpaw when talking with Mudfur. Willowpaw asked if she was right to give Dapplepaw reassurance rather than herbs for her bellyache, and Mudfur told Willowpaw she was right. Mistyfoot is Dapplepaw's mentor.

*Mentor: Mistyfoot

Pebblepaw is a gray tom of RiverClan. He and his sisters in Twilight played with toxic Twoleg waste and one of his sisters died. His mentor is Mosspelt.

*Mentor: Mosspelt
*Kin: Dawnflower (mother), Minnowpaw, unnamed kit (sisters)
*Formerly Known As: Pebblekit (Twilight - between Sunset and The Sight)

Pouncepaw is a light brown tabby she-cat of RiverClan. Her mentor is Reedwhisker. She is an accomplished fisher, and wins the fishing event at the contest. Her friends are Minnowpaw, Pebblepaw, and Mousepaw. Nothing else is known about her.

*Mentor: Reedwhisker

Firestar's Quest
Secondary Characters
Birchstar was a leader of RiverClan when SkyClan was driven out, and is a light brown tabby she-cat. She was first seen at a Gathering welcoming Redstar, the leader of ThunderClan. Birchstar said, when Cloudstar asked for territory for SkyClan to hunt on after their own territory was destroyed, that she would like to help, but she couldn't. She gave the life of sympathy and understanding to Leafstar. She also said, along with Redstar, Swiftstar, and Dawnstar, that she was sorry for what she had done to SkyClan. Firestar noted she looked like Heavystep and Clovertail, hinting that Birchstar could be their kin.

Foxclaw was a russet-colored tom, and a RiverClan warrior when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about him.

Icewhisker was a silver-gray tom, and the medicine cat of RiverClan when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about him.

Sloefur was a black she-cat, and the deputy of RiverClan when SkyClan was driven out. Nothing else is known about her.

Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans
Brambleberry was a pretty white she-cat with black-spotted fur, blue eyes, and a strikingly pink nose. She was one of RiverClan's medicine cats. She was charming, quick thinking, and good at getting her own way--Crookedstar would do anything she asked. She was cautious about interpreting StarClan's omens, and came up with a clever way to hide herbs in fresh-kill so the sick kits would eat them.

Dapplepelt was a delicate tortoiseshell she-cat. She was the first RiverClan medicine cat. She was brave, reckless, and quick to act. She saw being a medicine cat as a different type of a warrior, fighting invisible enemies of sickness and injury on behalf of her Clanmates. She saved an entire litter of kits after a nursery was washed away by a flood.

Riverstar was a silvery gray, long furred tom with green eyes. He was generous and warm-hearted with his own Clan, but was uninterested in other Clans' troubles. He would even try to skip Gatherings if he could. He was the founder and first leader of RiverClan and worked with Windstar, Thunderstar, and Shadowstar to develop the warrior code. It is believed that Riverstar suggested the idea of a mentoring program of training apprentices.

*Formerly Known As: River