Total graphics available for use to everyone: 150 and more to come


Woot! new goal- 200!


Welcome to warriors pics!!

Main owner: Snowfall

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Willowtail, one of the admins, has left warriors pics. She left to start a site of her own, which is progressing well... Please have a look, and maybe say hi....

Icepool has left too, leaving Snowfall in full costody of WP, Icepool's new site is


*Icepool has left wp
*Four new avatars
*Four new banners, November SOTM chosen (late in th month i know)
*New linkback and code
*A couple banners were added
*FOUR new artwork cats! (Feathertail, Echsong, Blackstar and Lionblaze)
*Snowfall finally finished her story, yay
*Adds a new page (Stories)
*Yet, another artwork cat (Sorreltail)
*lol ANOTHER artwork cat! (Jaypaw)
*Two new artwork cats! (Tawnypelt and Firestar)
*Artwork cats page and two artwork cats for now! (Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight)
*New Starclan banner
*New banner and new page soon

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